Sunday, 24 July 2011

Howdy, all.
So a couple of days ago, my dad drove me to school. And we all know what that means - a music lesson, of course!
He knew that I'd been interested in "heavy metal" type music lately and so decided by himself to educate me to the band who pretty much formed the whole genre.
Of course - I am talking about Deep Purple.
And yes, I know you've all tryed to play "Smoke on the Water" on the guitar at least once before. But this is different - their first live album in fact - here you go.

The funny thing is, that back in the day, that was considered good singing!
People loved Deep Purple! Especially the Japanese - they were crazy about Deep Purple, and so when they toured Japan for the first time and came to Osaka, they asked to record the performance, of course.
Deep Purple said "No, we don't make live albums" but they gave in after some pursuading, as long as they could have the rights to the album so that it wouldn't be released outside of Japan.
The country loved it. So when the band got home, they thought, "What the heck?" and asked their company about releasing it.
Again, the company needed some persuading. They thought live albums would never happen, but they gave it a shot and released it.
"Made in Japan", as they called it, sold 1 million copies in two weeks.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Yesterday was Tuesday, and it sucked. I had an early morning and a late night and every minute all I wanted was to go home and sleep.
Anyway, this is a song that helps me to calm down and relax after a hard day. I recommend it to my friend Jane all the time, so here's hoping it'll help you too.

Note how many genres that they pull off in this song!
The piano part at first gives off a jazzy feel, but then when the beat and the bass kick in, it just sets the whole song up for a nice alternative mix.
The vocals are clear and soothing and the lyrics are very well-written.
This whole song makes me feel relaxed.

night night
xoxo Rosie

Monday, 18 July 2011

It's Monday, and while some might be having more of a "Rainy Days and Mondays"-Carpenter-ish kind of day, surprisingly, I was feeling in the mood for dancing!
Listening to the radio after dinner is lots of fun, especially when one of my favourite 80s songs comes on! I got up and danced like no-one was watching (even though my dad walked in on me...) and it made a pretty good Monday.
Here's hoping your Monday was good enough to pass for a start of the week.

p.s. if you're interested to know, they are re-making this epic movie. let's see how they do...

Saturday, 16 July 2011

What better way to start a Sunday morning than with a nice, calming number from the amazing Joe Hisaishi?
I have been obsessed with this particular song for a while now.
This guy has so many beautiful compositions - especially those written for movies from Studio Ghibli. I just can't get enough of him!
So here we have "Sixth Station" live in orchestra from the movie Spirited Away.

If you like the sound of this, I also recommend the music from "Nausicaa", "Laputa" & "Howl's Moving Castle".
Have a nice Sunday morning, I'll be sure to post something special up tonight, too.
Rosie xx

Friday, 15 July 2011

Here we have some Fleetwood Mac at its best to kick start the blog.

This is "The Chain" from their album Rumours, when the band was divided and just a little bit crazed - during and after two serious break-ups.
These of course improved the music, and formed this epic song in which all of the members of the band contributed!

You don't have to listen very hard lyrics-wise to understand that it's meant to be a very bitter song ("Damn your love, damn you lies"), but what I love is the driving beat and the strong bass line that make anyone want to dance - it's catchy and fun.

So there we go, signing off for now...
Rosie xx

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Hi, I'm Rosie, and this is my blog.

Obviously from the title, I love music and I love cats.

I like so many different styles of music; rock, pop, 70s, 80s, 90s, but I also love to hear something new and interesting.

I have two cats, and though they aren't any typical cats like the rest on the street, they have their own special personalities, and I love that they don't care anyway.

I hope to share some of my musical interests and just generally have fun with this blogging thing. Also, please check out my friend Jane, who suggested this and has great taste in music - her blog is called < Jane - music/media/art >

So - here goes, wish me luck, and have a great weekend!