Monday, 29 August 2011

Saturday, 20 August 2011

bass update no. 1

This is a song that I really want to start learning on the bass guitar!
I know I'm just a begginer, but I just want hurry up and get going already!
I'm just going to start with the songs that I really like, then I can move up to learn the trickier techniques, and get as good as I can.

This song is so cool and... well - it's just cool.
If you didn't know, The White Stripes is a band with only two members in it - a brother, who plays guitar and sings, and a sister, who rocks those drums. It's a pretty epic song, if you ask me.
Well, that's my first bass update for you.
Have a nice sleepy Sunday!


Friday, 19 August 2011

Now it's time for some real fun music. So recently, all I've been thinking about is French. Sometimes I even think in French. So I thought - if I think French as much as I think music, why not both? (and... cue Jane - quick to start singing Hannah Montana's Best of Both Worlds)

ZAZ - Je Veux... Isn't it great? It's so cute and fun and carefree. It just makes you feel good.
So the lyrics go something like this in english...

Give me a suite aty the Ritz hotel? I don't want it.
Chanel's jewellery? I don't want it.
A limo? What would I do with it?
Offer me staff? I don't want it!
A mansion? Not for me.
The Eiffel Tower? What would I do with it?

I want love, joy, good spirit
It's not your money that will make me happy
I want to die with my hand on my heart
Let's go together, discover our freedom
Forget all your prejudice, welcome to my reality.

I'm fed up with your good manners, they're too much for me.
I eat with my hands, I'm like that.
I speak loud and direct, excuse me!
Let's end the hypocisy - I'm out.
I'm tired of your talking back
Look at me, I'm not even mad at you - that's who I am.

Already craving more cultural goodness? Well check these amazing guys out. They're called the Porkka Playboys.

So bad that it's good... brilliant, even.
It's just a bunch of German guys in a small car covering the ever-epic "Bohemian Rhapsody", but in the end, it's so amazing that you just have to grin and sing along!
This is another feel-good video that could turn anyone's day around.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

It's People's Day!
Now, I promised myself that it would be a completely maths-filled day, but after getting back from Melbourne late last night, all I want is some really good music to make me happy.
Well - this is how I am going to continue this blog - properly - by introducing you to the music that really inspires me everyday!

This is one of the many songs I fantasise about singing in front of a cheering crowd one day... haaaa, as if. But isn't it amazing?
Suzanne Vega is simply cool. She's a genius song-writer - not just because all of her songs are catchy, but because each and every one of them mean something.
That one is definitely my favourite at the moment, but here's just one other that you must listen to -

I've chosen the cheapy lyrics version so that you can actually see the story - it's sad, but very good. Enjoy!

Rosie xoxo

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Quick - what do you get when you shove an rowdy teenager together with a couple of fed-up parents?
-- a resolution! Yeah, it's true - they were so sick of me complaining that they decided it wasn't worth the effort and gave in!
Well, they were really disappointed, but I was just ready to have a dance party! I called Jane right away!

Now this is cool of course because of the dancing. I mean, just the nerve of that guy makes you want to get up and dance with him!
You've got to understand - 1989 was a time when dancing was the only way to be cool. Coming up with this dance move must have been the best 15 minutes of fame ever.
My favourite line is: "It was the freshest move I've ever seen - like he was floating on air!"

Happy dancing!
xox Rosie
So - I'm sorry, things got busy after that last post and I didn't have time to continue so I'll try to fit in as many as I can tonight and maybe tomorrow night.

The next stage of the drama is of course rebellion - Well of course! I'm a teenager!
So I turned to the queen of rebellion - Joan Jett.
She's always been Jane's idol, and I grew up rocking the air guitar to all of her hits as well, so it's only expected that I cranked my speakers to full volume every morning to dance the anger out - and get a message across.

Isn't she the coolest?
Joan Jett will always have a place in my heart.

xoxo Rosie

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

As the saga continues...
A while after I realised why I was feeling sad, I decided to comfort myself with the best kind of "teen-y-get-lost" songs - Simple Plan.
Sure, I got kind of used to crying along to this song and just being pathetic in general, but luckily, I got over it. Here's so advice for current or future miserly teenagers- cry dramatically if you're sad, but recover dramatically because you want to get over it. You really do.
So anyway, for that first stage here's the perfect song for you.

Rosie xoxo

Monday, 1 August 2011

So recently I had one of those lovely teenaged angsty dramas - you know, the type you see in movies while the main character listens to conveniently sympathetic music?
Well, I decided to share a little musical "story" of how I felt and what I listened to.
It might last for a few posts, but it might also make me feel a little bit better, and I hope you enjoy the story anyway.
To start it off, here's some background.
I started to feel sad and lonely when my parents were disappointed in me, and I tried to get this across by discreetly singing this song in my room often. It didn't work.

See you next time for more, I guess.
Rosie xoxo